Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 30: I'm going to be a trainer

So this week was busy, and also slow. We had a hard time scheduling lessons. A lot of people this week just weren’t interested in continuing with the lessons. In spite of all that it has been a week to remember, a lot of memories were made. 

First off, we had a meeting with a member of the Seventy on Tuesday. He completely changed the way I look at the parable of The Good Samaritan, and also the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 11:21 about obtaining the word. In his talk the Seventy changed the word “word” to the atonement and it makes missionary work a little different. Instead of just trying to learn doctrine on doctrine, I’ve focused on learning about the atonement more and reading the New Testament. My testimony of Christ and his suffering for us has grown a lot! 

I finally got my package! I have pictures and everything for ya mom.

I also had a fun time working with people who have baptismal dates, like one Karla Sanchez. She has been really shy with us at first. She wasn’t really honest with us (just saying what she thought we wanted to hear), but now she knows she can ask us any question and we are more than happy to answer. She relishes in questions… she is progressing really quickly, but can’t get to church because of work. She may not be able to be baptized when we thought.

We also have another date scheduled for a 16 year old boy, Jose. Jose, by accident found his way into the chapel with Hermana Ana and sat through all three hours of church. He now wants to read The Book of Mormon and IS! He is a real blessing, he loves hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am finding joy in teaching him. 

We had a baptism of the mother of Hermana Ana this week. I got to baptize and confirm Mercedes a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She later shared her testimony and the strength she has is astonishing! 

After Mercedes’s baptism the ward had a talent show. I wasn’t able to prepare anything so my companion and I got to relax and just watch. It was hilarious and a cool look at the culture of the people of Honduras. A 79 year old guy danced and basically showed two young women in the ward some real dance moves. It was hilarious, and that guy surprisingly still has the moves! 

On Sunday we taught a Family Home Evening at Glenda’s house. They invited us to another birthday celebration. Marcella, Glenda’s daughter turned 3. A guy turn 26, I think his name was Alexi or Joel. It was fun, no piñata, but a pretty good cake! We enjoyed it. 

It’s Monday, and I found out I’m going to be training. I don’t know who my new companion will be until tomorrow. I have been a little nervous about it all week. I hope I can help this new missionary become a fine tuned tool in the hands of the Lord. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I know the Lord will help me. For the next three months I will be exercising faith and trusting the Lord a whole lot more. I’m going to try my best! Hopefully with this new missionary it will be the most baptisms the Nueva Capital has seen. It is my hope that through my example he can have a better start than I did. I’m going to do everything I need to do to be worthy of counsel, and be all the Lord needs me to be, to work as he would work without tire or idleness. 

This week really passed by quick and was full of memories. I love you guys and my Savior, who is my greatest example. I think of many of you, all great examples in my life… you are in my thoughts and prayers, more than you know. Each week I think of what I can say in my letter home and hope that it helps, hopefully just one of you. SO I will say this: The Atonement is everything! It is the pinnacle, the peak of human existence, without it we could never return to our Father in Heaven. Our lives will be happier and easier the sooner we let it have a part in our lives. I know the Savior lives, and because he lives we will too. Read the New Testament. I know that by reading the accounts in the New Testament along with The Book of Mormon your testimony of Christ will soar to new heights. 

Love you guys! 
I can’t wait to meet my new companion as well as write you all next week. 

Keep Truckin'

Last Monday (P day) we hit Mickey Dee's!
Elder Cleverley with his vanilla cone on the bus. McDonalds is down in Torocagna, 15 minutes by bus.
Our Zone at the meeting on Tuesday with the Seventy
Look! it's Elder Giraldo! (my trainer) We are in the same zone.
Sitting behind him is Elder Montano (my old zone leader) 
Me with Elder Medrano: one of my zone leaders
This is Elder Hernandez. He is the Assistant to the President.  He is going home on Wednesday.
He is from Chicago: a cool dude!
This is Elder Hingano, he is going home on Wednesday too. He is from California.
Elder Spencer (behind me) is going home on Wednesday as well. He is from Ogden, Utah.
I bought a bag for my mom, I may be able to send it home with him to give it to Grandma. (I just have to find a way to get it to him)
On Tuesday we stopped by the mission office. My package from home has arrived!
 Elder Huscroft and I
Elder Espiritu and I are excited to see what is inside
the flash drive works with music and talks on it. I love it dad! The talks have helped so much.  I love all of Elder Holland's talks. Elder Espiritu and I destroyed the Sour Patch Kids. They did not last long! It was quite a sugar high. I started dozing a little in our lesson that night...good old fashioned american sugar!
Baptism of Mercedes
Elder Espíritu and I with our newest convert
This is the family of Hermana Ana. She is the daughter of Mercedes

We are waiting for the talent show to start. Mercedes in sitting behind us and the other missionaries are talking to Elvis. Elvis is cool, he makes missionary plaques and other art stuff.
sitting by Yepsel during the talent show (I don't know the name of the other primary boy.)

at Glenda's house celebrating Marcella's birthday 
This is Marcella 
This is Nataly, the sister of Marcella
This is some Honduran money.  There are denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 100, and 500.
I am actually super poor.  All of these bills are worth around 30$ American money.
Tomorrow Elder Espiritu is being transferred.
This is my sad face. I am actually quite sad. We have worked hard and had a lot of fun.
He is being transferred to Sabana Grande, the Loarque Zone.

Guibelly Torres is going to go on a mission.

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