Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 1: Leaving Home and getting to Guatemala

Saying goodbye to family and friends is probably the hardest part of any new beginning. Even though I am excited to get started on my mission and to serve the Lord, and the people of Honduras, I will miss my family and friends.

Now that I am finally here in Guatemala, after 2,400 miles of travel - I really do only have the five minutes Dad said I would get for a quick email home to let everyone know I am safe. I was led to my room to drop off my bags; but don't have my companion yet.  Still, all the missionaries in my room are pretty cool. One Elder is from San Diego, another is from Idaho (Go Vandals!) and a third one from Arizona, I think. 

So, I haven´t done orientation yet. So far it was just getting my immunizations in order. I think I go to orientation next and find out who my companion is going to be... and then..get to sleep for a couple hours. 

It´s weird not knowing the language, I already had my first stumbles trying to even understand the phrase  "Welcome the the MTC!" I love it but I know I will have to work hard so I can stump the next greenies who come in!! 

My short time for writing you is already up, so until I get some email time (next week on preparation day) Hasta Luego. 

Dad watched my flights all night while I travelled

"We can't fully appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now."
~Elder Russell M. Nelson~