Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 73: crazy contacting with Elder Hassell

So I got my new companion on Tuesday but not after Elder Vazquez said some goodbyes. This week went really well. Elder Hassell and I went crazy contacting and we’ve found some good people to teach. I am excited for the next week where we can meet with these people again. Elder Hassell also has some really good ideas about how to make the area better too. SO I’m really pumped for next week.

I was happy to hear that my cousin, Braxton opened his mission call and will be going out in July. (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mission!)

To be honest not a lot has happened other than our crazy contacting. Elder Hassell and I are looking forward to the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to see how everything pans out. We had some divisions with the assistants this week which is always fun and helped out a lot in our area. We are always trying to find ways to strengthen the ward and to help build the area for the new converts that come in. All in all I hope we accomplish what we set out to do so that we can leave the area of Santa Fe in Country better than we found it.

Love you guys!

Vazquez saying goodbye to Fren the baby (10 months old) and his grandma, Hermana Blanca.  She was the one who helped us make all our cool ties.
My new companion is Elder Kohlten Hassell.  He is from Gilbert, Arizona. He has about 21 months on the mission. He is not baggy, he still works really hard and I love it. (2 gringos in the tres de "meido", it's sooo much fun, so far it's been good, none of the people do or say anything.)
This 1.25 liter bottle of coke only costs 18 limps. I barely buy them here, but the members do in like all of our meals.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Video Call

Elder Vazquez and I spent Sunday afternoon talking with our families for Mother's Day. It was great!

It was a great day for the Roberts family.  The next time we speak it will be face to face and we will be able to wrap him in our arms.
We loved seeing his smiling face and hearing his voice.

We had a wonderful visit, he told of wonderful people and cool and crazy mission experiences, and lots of fun random happenings.  He says transportation there is crazy.  He has been hit by cars (mom is freaking out!), one time where he actually rolled over the hood and the driver just kept going.  The area he is in right now isn't the safest, but he says he feels protected.  As an example... his area or bus stop is called Tres de Mayo and a bus conductor actually announced his stop as the Tres de Meido (which means fear).  He says people hop on buses and sell food and he really likes the corn.  His favorite Honduran food is still the same as it was at Christmas and last Mother's Day, Baleada’s.  He told us a couple of Spanish jokes.  He has grown an inch. (Crazy... that would put him at 6'4") Time flys. He is doing great and is really happy.  We love our son! We are beyond amazed and proud!

Elder Roberts shares his testimony with us in Spanish. He has been in the mission field for 16 months and 14 days.

His favorite Honduran food... Baleada's... still?... always.

What did the Jaguar say to the other Jaguar?

His worn shoe.  He walks everywhere. Christian packed two pairs of dress shoes and his athletic shoes for working out.  He bought a pair of nice boots in his first area.  After about 6 months he took them to be resoled and the guy said he lost them, and ended up confessing that he actually sold them. (maybe it was just a misunderstanding...? Please sole my shoes.... I sold your shoes. XD)
a clip of him showing us his worn shoes
(we are sending a new pair that will be delivered by Mission on the Fly at the end of the month. yay!)

we love Elder Vazquez. He is a fun guy!
210 more days until these two friends are reunited. Enzo misses his brother.

Week 72: Andrea and Angy were baptized!

So today we have found out changes that will be happening tomorrow. I will be staying here in la Santa Fe and I will receive Elder Hassell as my new companion, who is from Arizona. My current companion, Elder Vazquez will be going to Comoyagua to an area called Piedras Bonitas. It has been a fun two changes here with Elder Vazquez, I have honestly learned a lot from him and hope that I can learn a lot more from Elder Hassel. 

This week we did have the baptism of Andrea and Angy. It was a nice service and the two girls enjoyed making covenants with the Lord. Their mother was very happy and she loved the service. I hope that we can continue teaching her so that she has a desire to come back to church, so that the entire family can be as happy as she is right now.

I had a fun time reading the Book of Mormon. I’m now in the war chapters, I love the part where it describes Captain Moroni. I’m learning that if we strive to be more like him the powers of hell will have none over man (us). It’s just my thoughts, I know that by developing attributes like his we can become more like him which is becoming more like Christ.

Love, Elder Roberts 

Angy is 10, and Andrea is 12 they are the daughters of Kenya.
sitting with our new converts are Emma and Edwin of the Familia Osorio.  If you remember that it was they that referred to us Angy and Andrea to teach.They are a very fun and welcoming family. They have two boys, Dallin is 16 and Helam is 13. Emma is the Young Women's President here right now.