Monday, July 16, 2018

Week 81: Stomach issues and the baptism of Isaac and Gabriella

Baptism of Gabriella and Isaac! Gabriella is 8 and Isaac is 12, they are cousins. 
Well this week went by pretty quick not going to lie. But it was a hard one, first of all on Tuesday my companion got sick with a wicked stomach infection, so we weren´t able to really work until Thursday and even then he was still hurting so we worked slow, but we worked. Then on Friday I got sick and it was just a flu virus going around so I´m okay, not great but, I´m feeling better. 

On Saturday we had Isaac´s baptism and it went well. He was baptized with his cousin Gabriella who is 8 years old. We have been working on activating her family and they´ve been doing good, other than that not a whole lot happened. 

While my companion was sick we did some divisions with the missionaries in Mercedes. I left with them to fill some of their visits and they helped us go to ours. It was a big help for Blanca´s and Paola´s progress. This week was a good  one, I just don´t have much to write about because we were sick most of the week. 

I hope you  all have a good week and enjoy the new champions of the World Cup! I heard all about Croatia´s loss and Frances win on Sunday, it was all the talk in church. I know you are happy dad! 
Love you guys!

Allan (guy in white), Isaac's dad is Karen's (lady in black) cousin.
It was fun teaching Isaac the lessons.  He is kind of funny because he was just so open to everything we were teaching.  We taught of the word of wisdom and told him no coffee and the entire house is now not drinking coffee. His mom and dad didn't drink coffee but the rest of the family did and he got them all to stop.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 80: President Mejia and family

Elder Contreras and I with our new mission president and his family.  They will be a family of 4 in October when the new baby comes. The little boy Sebastian is 6 years old and pretty crazy. He is too funny. I think I got on his good side because he likes to copy me. So I started playing around with him and I think Hermana Mejia liked that.

So this week was a good one, the Lord is raining down some blessings and I’m happy to get them. First off he sent us a new mission president who wants to change things up out here in Honduras Comayaguela, not that is bad, but the new president wants to make it even better... and I'm all for it! We now have quite a few more recommendations about how to work and I think they will bring a lot of success, and they have just in the first bit of trying it out. Second the new president and his family are amazing! They give off the same love that President Ferman and Hermana Ferman have for each of us. 

Their boy Sebastian is a little chaotic but he likes to have fun, and the Hermana Mejia is pregnant and will have their new baby girl around October. They are very excited.

With the area I said there are some blessings that have come down. This month all of the baptismal dates we had have dropped because our investigators aren’t too sure if they are ready to take this step. It’s perfectly fine, but stressing for a missionary. On Sunday we were blessed when a less active family came to church and want to baptize their son who is 12 years old. It was a pure blessing that Elder Contreras and I weren’t expecting. 
We are still working with Paola. She is having some trouble getting everything cleared up to be baptized. She lives with her boyfriend and she is looking for solutions. This Sunday she came to church and she asked me about tithing and then paid tithing... that same day. It tugged my heart strings a little as I saw how much she desired the gospel and its blessings in her life. I hope everything can get cleared up and she can receive the fullness of the blessing the Lord has in store for her. 

This letter is a little bit shorter so I hope my photos explain a little about my week. I hope you all have an great time this week and know that I love you guys! I can’t wait to get back and see all of you, but the Lord´s time for me is now!

July 4th was a success! My mom says I am brave because I went out like this (I didn't go out with the headband on, but the tie yes). The people loved it, nobody said anything bad so I take it as a success.
16x20 Wood Carving of the First Vision.  Carved for me by Hermano Lopez.  His full time job is wood carving, he sells his stuff to tourists in Copan and Roatan. It took him about 5 weeks, he does carvings for a lot of missionaries, but I'm the first to ask him to do the First Vision.
Last Monday in the Cyber.  It is so hot and muggy while we email, kind of does it's toll on the best of us because of the heat from the machines and there is no AC. "You're Killin Me Smalls"

Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 79: Taco's again at the Cardoza's and my new comp

My new companion: Elder Moises Dario Contreras Soto, he is from La Cuidad de Mexico
It has been a fantastic week! Elder Contreras and I get along really well. It`s pretty crazy as he`s just getting out of the office so he doesn`t really know how to do missionary work. He has been in the office for the past six months, he`s hitting his year mark on Wednesday. We`ve already made tacos together. All of my Mexican companions always like to make tacos, and I don`t mind. I was responsible for the guacamole and it turned out good, I`m not going to lie, I think I learned from the best. 

Elder Contreras and I have been working hard to help investigators progress and schedule baptismal dates here in the area. I think this week we are going to get results. 

President Ferman is officially released and visiting his family that live in the states. President Mejia, the new mission president arrived on Saturday and we as leaders have our first meeting scheduled with him this Wednesday. I`m looking forward to meeting him.

Paola and our other investigators are still progressing and are still interested. So right now I am hoping we can find people for the future months as we have quite a few that are probably going to be baptized this month. 

Anyway, I love you guys and I hope the best for your week, remember the love that it takes to be a leader in this church as we all follow the Savior. Your leaders that are called all love and care for you and are always there to help!

Love, Elder Roberts

We made Taco's at the Cardoza's.  They love it when we made them with them with Elder Vazquez, so they invited us again. I made the guacamole.  I learn how from my Mexican companions. So far I have had 6 mission companions from Mexico.  Elder Valdetano was the first to teach me and so far the best at it.

The missionaries in Comoyagua singing "God Be with You Till We Meet Again" in goodbye to President Ferman.

the mission secretaries put this video together for President Ferman
(your favorite missionary is at 3:40-4:00👍🏼)