Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 76: Doozy and Dodgeball

This week was a doozy! 
We´ve been going ham out here in Santa Fe, the member visiting has been going good and we are helping the attendance go up. So little by little we are getting this place up to snuff. 

We had interviews with President Ferman and it was my last interview with him, it was pretty baggy or trunky. He talked about how he wants to stay in contact and that we need to leave the mission better than he found it for the new mission president. It was baggy. He told me if I ever come back to visit to Honduras that I have a place in his house to stay and that we would eat some lobster stew. It all sounds good, but it is thinking a little too far into the future for me right now. 

We have our baptisms for the 23rd and it looks like Alejandro and Valeri are going to be ready. We had a church activity this week where we played dodgeball and it was a lot of fun! We played one of the games where it was just Elder Hassell and I against everyone and we came out winning!  A lot of members liked it and had a good time. It should keep them coming to future activities. 

Well, there´s not a whole lot for me to write about this week.  
I hope you guys have a good week. I love all of you! 

There are no pictures this week. Sorry Mom! We are repentant over our lack of pictures. We will do better next week.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 75: Leadership Counsel with Elder Cordon

This week was a lot of fun! Elder Hassell and I are getting geared up for an awesome week. We got the ward membership list. We have the goal that this week we are going to visit every member, specifically every inactive member on the ward list! If they listen to us we are going to try to get them to come back to church again. The ward of Santa Fe is going to be better than how we found it. I´m pumped and can´t wait to get this thing going. Our investigators are good, they have been going to church and should be getting baptized on the 23rd and then on the 7th of June we´ll have another baptism.
Last Friday we had our leadership counsel.  We had a special visit from Elder Valeri V. Cordon. Elder Cordon spoke a lot about leadership and I feel that by hearing his message we are going to be much better leaders and with that we are going to better as a mission. 

Another thing that is happening here in Central America is that the missionaries from Nicaragua are leaving their mission because of the political unrest. And this means that we will be seeing a lot of new faces and that there will be more areas getting opened. I hope that everything is okay with all those in Nicaragua and also with my cousin, Elder Whelan in Guatemala. I´ve been told all missionaries in his mission are okay and that Kollin is being transferred to another area tomorrow. The ash from yesterday´s volcano eruption hasn´t affected us here yet, but we have been told that the eruption happened.

I know that we can all do a lot of great things in the work of the Lord. I absolutely loved the devotional yesterday that the prophet held for the youth. I was able to start watching around the beginning of his remarks and I loved the spirit of it. I hope everyone can appreciate this historic devotional and will take on his challenges and teachings.  

Congratulations Abby on your graduation! I´m glad from what I´ve heard it was a lot of fun and a special moment. 
I love all of you and hope you have a great week!

We had a mini Family Home Evening on Monday and celebrated the birthday of the Hermana Adalia. We are at their house. left to right: Valeri, Hermana Pacheco, Yensi, Alejandro, Hermana Adalia and Fernando.  We are currently teaching and reactivating all of the family. 
At the end of the Leadership Counsel I grabbed Elder Cordon and his wife to take a picture. He loved it! He was really happy to do it for my mom!
Here I am with President and Sister Ferman too. On July 1 he will be training the new Comayaguela Mission President.
Elder Hassell and I at the leadership counsel. We got photobombed by Elder Michael!
Fighting off cavities!
at our lunch yesterday we had some fun messing with Ricardo (if you remember him from a couple of weeks ago) and this toothbrush.
We can go to a dentist to get checked out if we need it. I have been good. Elder Hassel has had his checked by a Hermana who is a licensed dentist. All is good.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 74: battle of the bugs

This week was a doozy. It has been raining here lately and with that the flying ants are back! Which I found out are termites. Kind of weird, this week we found out that we have bed bugs! We were really shocked because Elder Hassell and I hadn’t been bitten. We called the mission office and they responded quickly, getting us new beds. Funny story with the old mattresses-- while we were cleaning we left the old beds outside to clean and we bleached and Permethrined everything, we went ham! All the cleaning took about 45 minutes and when we went back to see what we would do about the beds they were gone! Somebody had taken them! Literally just 45 minutes and somebody took our beds! Thats the last time I leave anything outside. We got some new beds so we are fine and sleeping comfortably now.   We are told we have to permethrin everything at least once a week to kill all of the eggs. So there is that. 

We had a missionary work activity that the ward did and we were surprised that it was a movie night. cool! We were able to watch Jumanji and everyone loved it! We got a lot of references, it was a big success. We are planning on having another activity but with dodgeball. It should be a good one. I like dodgeball.

We also had a funny contacting moment. We decided to act like we were looking for somebody who doesn’t exist. It makes the topic of the gospel come up faster. So we were talking to a woman and my comp tried the method. He asked for a ´´Gustavo´´ and the lady asked for Gustavo´s last name, and he responded with a popular last name, ´´Hernandez´´. It was very strange because she then asked for this Gustavo´s description. I replied, tan and short and she replied that it wasn´t who she thought it was -- HER BROTHER! We had his name exactly right, we just missed the description. It was one of our first cool experiences contacting together and one of the better ones we have had. 

I love you guys! I hope you guys have a great week!
until next time

Got the package last Friday! We picked it up when we went to the office for the Permethrin. I gave Elder Hassell like 7 ties.  He loves them, and I have the ties for Vasquez separated. I'm glad I have these new shoes, and as always love the sour patch, cheetos, and mac n cheese! (my mom was upset that she bought the off brand because as kids we never liked it, but I love it and honestly forgot what I was missing with good old Macaroni and Cheese!)
We went to David's house after the Jumanji activity. We were able to take home some left over pop.  This is Hassell drinking 3 liters! its 3 not 2, almost all the soda here comes in three liter increments.