Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 68: Familia Ortega and Quezada Interchanges

Some unhappy news for the week is that Cristofer was not able to be baptized this past Saturday as he had a family emergency. I think his grandma got sick. He told us that this week on the 21st he will be baptized. I hope he does, he is honestly a “member” already with how he acts and all that he knows about the church. 

I was able to go on interchanges this week on Tuesday. I stayed in Santa Fe and received Elder Jimenez for the day. We worked hard and we spoke to some less active families who attended church on Sunday which was really cool! When Elder Vazquez and I got back together we went contacting to my request ... nothing like the old reliable tricks ... but nothing! I was shocked once again by this area. So, with a very discouraged gringo elder, Elder Vazquez felt we needed to go to David´s, and shortly after arriving and talking for a little bit Vazquez brought up an old family they had never been able to meet with. David told us he would speak with them and on Friday he got back to us and said that they are interested again, so this coming Saturday we should be able to meet with them. They are the Familia Ortega and have 5 people over the age of 8. I was so surprised and humbled that the Lord has looked out for us. 
So this weekend with Cristofer’s baptism we should be pretty busy with all the planning and the last details in preparation. 

I then had the experience of going on interchanges with Elder Katashima from San Diego. He is currently in the Quezada area and I also got to spend time with Elder Franco from Tabasco, Mexico and Elder Morlaes from El Salvador, San Salvador. It was a fun interchange. We talked and joked about stories from the mission all I experienced accumulated into a very good interchange. I learn a lot from these faithful Elders. 

Elder Katashima honestly was a highlight to my week. He is such a joyful and enthusiastic person. The worst thing can happen, like an important appointment falling through, or an elder gets sick and this guy stays happy. He taught me that just through his example in a day long period of interchanges with him. I hope I can develop a quality like this, to be happy and enthusiastic in troubling circumstances. I know the Savior can strengthen us, he looked on each one of us through his suffering.

I hope you all have a good week and can be happy and enthusiastic as I try to be as well! 

Love you guys! 

I am in Quezada with Katashima, Franco, and Morales
Elder Morales is a  little quiet, but when he talks he is hilarious.
Four missionaries live in the Quezada house. It is gigantic.

for our pday activity today our district is going to Walmart. (I know, right? but it is what they wanted to do) 
but next week we are going to Picachu!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 67: Hermana Pacheko is fearless!

This week was a tough one. I say this so people don’t just think missionary work is sunshine and rainbows. We had a great struggle to find new investigators this week. Our normal manner of receiving “news” is through references. It was an awe to me that all the references that we received weren’t able to meet with us. We were heartbroken and now we have to formulate a plan to have a better week next week. 

This week we also had a leadership meeting and once again I was not called on to speak. I escaped once again.

I did receive my package from home this week and it has been a great help. I love the ties and belt --that I hope lasts to the end of my mission. I am approaching 18 months out (“a sisters mission”, that feels crazy to say). My companion enjoys all of the easter candy I got and on some occasions I catch him grabbing some of the Girl Scout tagalong cookies before we leave the house. He was very surprised by the taste and says they are better than Reese’s, and I have to agree. 

This week we are preparing a young man named Cristofer for his baptism on the fourteenth. He attended conference and has been to church numerous times and enjoys the way he feels there. I’m so happy that we were able to find him as he lives in a more dangerous part of town and can’t go out often for the danger. He is kind of shy and goes with an 80 year old sister named Hermana Pacheko (I really think she believes she is made of steel). She fearlessly plunges into areas that are filled with drunks and drug addicts that at times seek my wallet, but she goes without fear literally. She told us the other day that she knows the Lord will protect her because she is on the Lords errand. Her testimony touched me and in thanks for the efforts we have given she is buying us lunch. It is for members like these that the church is as it is. I hope I can be like Hermana Pacheko. I may not need to go to the ghettos, but follow her fearlessness when I go about the Lords work.  I know that I am watched over and protected, I have never had my money taken away or robbed, though they try. He is watching over me and my companion. 

So with another week down, I hope to work harder than I ever have here. I hope the Lord accepts our sacrifice. 

love all of you have a good week!  

This is Andrew. He is a little boy that lives in a house of a member called David.  David is 19 and wants to serve a mission, so he helps us frequently with references.
Andrew is special, he is just like a minion.  He actually speaks a language like theirs and he has language confusion. He loves Marcha the Little Red Riding Hood show with a bear and so he watches the new episodes on Youtube. The only problem is they come on randomly in different languages so he speaks a little bit of Spanish, English and Russian all mixed together.  He is really funny.
This is Antuan and Andrew, they are brothers.
I met up with Elder Huscroft in Lempira for changes.  He is still the zone leader in Juticalpa for now,  he says he likes it but wants a change soon.
It's Valdetano! He is currently in Siguatepeque. He likes where he is at and is going about the Lords work as he always  has done, in absolute diligence! ...and yeah, the guys a beast, he is known to have model areas and President calls on him often to speak in meetings.
This is Elder Purser. He is currently a zone leader in Torocagua where I was on lockdown during the political turmoil. He goes home in August.
It's us! Elder Jimenez, Sullivan, Me, and Vazquez with the sister missionaries... Rojas, Laz, and Hernandez.  Hernandez is from Guatemala, Quetzaltenango and has been out for about 6 months. 
My package from home! Easter Candy! Ties! Belt! Girl Scout Cookies! 
I put the candy and cookies in the fridge when we got home and everything held up. It's all good now. The belt and ties are honestly my favorite part.
This pictures was taken while at the leadership meeting.  Elder Vazquez is a very effective worker, there are no lost efforts with this guy.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 66: General Conference

So with General Conference weekend came some changes that I won´t be able to experience here in my area. We are still awaiting changes as tomorrow marks the day they are planned to happen. We normally receive the transfer news of who goes where via email by now, but they still have not arrived. 

Conference was as Jeffrey R Holland put it ´´a rush of revelation and we don’t know if we can take another rush´´. I was very surprised with all of the news we received this past weekend. The change in the higher priesthood meetings to the change in visiting and home teaching. I´m a little afraid of how different the world will be when I arrive home. No, I´m not trunky or baggy, I´m still focused on serving the people of Honduras and bringing them to Christ. The month of April should be a good one here in Santa Fe. 

I loved the talks of our beloved prophet, Russel M. Nelson when he spoke of revelation and how to better receive it. I was lifted out of a rut that I felt I was in. It was just what I needed to hear. His list is one I now follow and am finding success with the promise to make our spiritual capacity for revelation greater with just one morning study session. My companion and I now find ourselves in the middle of study making our way to a secluded place to pray and then speak of how we felt when we are planning. I feel the Saviors hand more steadily in the work. I know this talk was one that was for me and many others. 

I am so happy for the two new apostles and the proof that the Lord still converses and reveals his plans to man. I don´t know if I told you but Gerrit W. Wong, one of the newly sustained Apostles came with Quentin L. Cook to speak to us. When he was called I knew it was divine truth and that Ulisses Soares is called of God as well. 

This week flew by with it being Semana Santa or Spring Break, not a lot of people were home so we could only visit a select few people. In each visit all were very aware of the season and were very open to the message of Jesus Christ that we are trying to spread across the world. I am so proud and happy to be a missionary of God. I love him and his divinely called servants.
I love all of you and hope to have a very busy week and to get a lot done and to sacrifice much for the Savior of the world.

Elder Roberts

A member (Hermana Blanca) helped us make these ties. We saw this fabric and thought it would be fun to have.
We made this pizza for our pday activity last Monday. We had the help of a member who makes bread. We bought the rest of the stuff. Us gringos attempted making some barbecue pizza, it wasn't like Domino's, but good enough.
Elder Sullivan, Vazquez, Jimenez, and I in front of the Honduras Flag. We need a bigger flag.
Hermana Rojas and Cronin.  Rojas is from Costa Rica and Cronin is from Mississippi.  They both  currently serve in the area of Country.
I guess Hermana Cronin was having some fun with my camera when I wasn't paying attention. 
a view from the balcony at our house in Country