Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 56: boogie board magic

The Gringo's of Juticalpa. Latimer, Walton, Huscroft, and Roberts just getting back from the multi-zone meeting in Torocagua. 

So this week has been kind of sucky, but pretty good, you know spiritually and stuff. We had a good multi zone meeting that I had to conduct (dirigir in Spanish) which was really weird and nerve wracking. President presided and we focused on companionship study and other things. Our meeting was in Torocagua so we spent a while in a bus. 

Elder Huscroft and I have had to focus on finding other investigators.  A lot of people that Elder Banda and I were teaching have lost interest in our message. This week has been a bit discouraging and uneventful. We went to appointment after appointment and almost all of them fell through! Because of that Elder Huscroft and I have had a lot of time to talk. We have been discussing our zone and what we can do for it. Our ideas are flowing.  I think that is why the Lord has put us together. So far they are working--we are expected to have as a zone about 8 baptisms this month. If it all comes together it would be so great after last month that was so unsuccessful.  I’m very glad the Lord has helped us missionaries find people who are ready for the gospel. 

One of the cool experiences of this week was that we came upon a guy who is a mute. He talks with his hands. Elder Huscroft had this little draw board in his bag (like the ones we played with as kids), so luckily we used that as our way of communication. His name is Freddy and he is pretty cool. He can hear and read, but he can’t talk. We just basically have him write on the board to us and then we respond back on the board. It was a funny experience to be communicating that way at church. Everyone was looking at us weird, like what are the Elders doing with this guy?  Why aren’t they talking? I would have been curious too. It was a cool experience for me and Huscroft. 

We had a lot of fun this week we are definitely close as a companionship. We get along. I just hope next week is a little better. love you guys!

keep truckin’ 

--like the draw board in Elder Huscrofts bag.  A Magic Sketch by Boogie Board!
We are writing from the internet cafe, Sicos to be exact. It is not too far from our house and we don't have keys to the church. but hey- we got to write!
We are just chilling.  There are protests going on, so we can't really do anything super cool today. We have to stay close to our house. The country's President Inauguration is on January 27th. It probably won't settle down until after that.
We came upon this cow while out contacting on Thursday, the day before our multi-zone meeting.
This Honduran cow doesn't want any of our gringo weeds...
It has been rainy. I had to buy this rain jacket for 40 limps. 
It fits me better than the one I brought with me, which is huge on me now!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 55: Gringo's own Juticalpa

So my week has been super fun.  Elder Huscroft and I have really kicked it off.  Well, we are pretty good friends and it has been a week, so that says a little.  Our week went by really fast as we spent most of it in travel. 

Tuesday we went to changes and I said goodbye to Elder Banda and then my new comp and I headed back out with Elder Valadez´s new companion and Hermana Latimer’s. You guys will remember Valadez´s new companion in Elder Candia who came the same time as Elder Navarro. Hermana Latimer’s new companion is another gringo-- so us gringo’s own Juticalpa! 

So far it has been a lot of fun. We are working super hard. The only weird thing is when my new comp and I go out contacting/looking for people to talk to well, it seems that the people are rejecting us a lot more. So that’s a bit aggravating, but when we actually get in the door magic happens! (kind of like when we prayed for the Vikings! haha. I just saw the score in my dad’s email before writing my letter (Viking shout out! -you’re welcome Brett! haha)). 

So since we are struggling with not being able to get in the door and finding a lot of people... Huscroft and I have put our frustrations aside and have all the faith in the world that good things will come for this next week because one) we don’t have any travel plans and two) we are going to put everything on the table and see what the Lord can do for us. Elder Huscroft and I had a lot of time to talk about the area and the people so we have come up with a couple of ideas for the zone that I hope will help us out and let us have what we call success. 

We also had a ton of fun with the package I got. I want to thank everyone who sent me Christmas presents and also thank Mission On The Fly for delivering them. They made a lot of missionaries happy! 

We had a weird moment this week which was actually kind of funny. So we got this reference from the church, so Huscroft and I were basically thinking it would be golden so we setup an appointment and we headed out. We get there and the guy gives us a seat and he starts talking... It took me like 2 minutes to figure out what the guy was wanting. He was trying to pitch to us. He had contacted the church thinking he was going to get a business deal. Huscroft was super funny. When he realized what was happening he started talking to me in english about what we should do. I think the guy thought we were actually considering, so when we declined he got super disappointed. Definitely one for the books! Anyway, overall it’s been a pretty uneventful week,  just a lot of knocking on doors and travel. I hope to see and focus more on some of the little miracles instead of meetings. 

Oh and by the way- I didn’t feel the big earthquake last Tuesday. I don’t think anyone in Juticalpa did. Some of the people here are freaking out, but I really think we have just a bunch of people that want to say that they felt it. 7.8?  The members that were up that late tell us they didn’t feel it and nothing happened here.  All is good and I can’t wait to go about the work of the Lord.
Love you guys keep truckin’ 

Elder Gunnar Kihci-Miyikosowin Huscroft from Saratoga Springs, Utah.  He has lived there since he was 14.
This is Hermana Walton. She is Hermana Latimer's new comp and she is from San Diego.  She completes her mission in February so Juticalpa will be the last area of her mission.

with some hilote - it is corn on the cobb and Huscroft loves it.
The guys liked the rubik's snakes from my package.  I like them too but was busy figuring out my new camera ;)
Two missionaries on a moped.  It is the moped of the family Soleno.
??  remind you guys of anything ??
Huscroft and Roberts eh?
Dumb and Dumber!  slackers and dim-witted we are not!
This snake freak me out. We found out that it was dead so we shot a Steve Irwin video with it. 
Our encounter with the devil snake was touch and go... maybe we should start an animal show for PBS

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 54: Good bye Banda - Hello Huscroft!

SO Im going to start this weeks letter off with a “sorry” for my mom. I didn’t take too many photos this week and it’s because Banda and I have been working our butts off! It’s been a good week all in all. 
And Banda had a couple “baggy”, “trunky” or “frito” moments depending where you served. He completed his 2 years on Friday. He gave his last testimony in the chapel today to our zone. It was sad the man couldn’t hold back the tears and the thanking of the Lord for his time serving the people in Honduras. 

This last week went by super quick and I hope I can get some of the highlights down. The Lord really helped us out this last Sunday and it took most of our week to pass by for people to actually commit to go to church on Sunday. We ended up with 5 people that came to church yesterday! That so far has been the most I’ve had in all my time in Olancho. So it was cool. Sometimes it’s just the little miracles. 

Then we had a cool moment with an investigator who had been baptized but had never received the Holy Ghost. In teaching and explaining it to her she said that she feels like she needs to be baptized again, and says that she’ll keep learning and listening. 

Now, what all us missionaries have been waiting for-- changes. My new companion will be Elder Huscroft. He is transfering from the city. He was a mission secretary for a time and now will be coming to Olancho. He’s super excited to work with me as the two of us have talked a lot in multi zones.  It was always one of our jokes to serve together in a pueblo and now we are doing it. He’s cool and is really calm or tranquilo as we say it in Spanish. He puts in a lot of work and I’m looking forward to learning from him. 
Hermana Gamez will be going to the city to finish her mission. She dies in February. Hermana Walton will be coming here to serve with Hermana Latimer. It is the last transfer of her mission too. I don’t know where Hermana Walton is from, but she is a gringo, so that that means that Juticalpa will have all gringo’s here as missionaries, which is pretty cool. 
Campamento will be receiving Hermana’s. It will no longer be an Elders area, which is kind of weird to me. Having to think that there will be no more interchanges there is a bummer. I think having sisters there will help out the area. The Hondurans definitely react differently to us Elders than the Sisters. 

I’m looking forward to the next change and how it will go. I hope it to be better than this last one which was pretty great! I don’t have much to write. I’m thinking more on who I have to visit with my new companion and how we are going to help our area and the zone to be better than it is.

I love you guys, have fun and 
keep truckin’

Elder Banda and I had these zone shirts made for the Christmas party we never got to have.  It wasn't until today that we were able to get our group together because of all the political stuff that's been going on. We didn't have a party we just ate lomo relleno.
We ate waffles at Oh Crepe's after our meeting in the chapel and then we plan to watch a movie. Banda picked it and asked president so it should be fun. 
who knows what's happening in this pic.  I forgot to put the timer on, so while trying to figure out what went wrong I got this picture. ha!

Elder Banda is excited and happy to be going home. He is ready.  He is at peace with all that he has done on his mission.  Tonight we will be saying goodbye to some members and then he will pack up his bags and we will go to bed.  Tomorrow morning we will go to Tegucigalpa.  I will pick up my new comp and he will go on to go home.

A note from Elder Banda to my dad: Thanks Brother Roberts, I love your son. Thanks to your family your son is a good missionary and helped me. The truth is he is one of my best friends.