Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 42: zone leader stuff

So, this week we have changes, and I have received a new assignment as a Zone Leader.  The good news is, I’ll be going back to Olancho!!! I am so excited to be getting back there. I have missed a lot of Olancho; the people and being able to say “oeee” without people giving me weird or questioning looks.  (“oeee”, is like saying hey) 

This last week we worked super hard. We worked with our investigators, set some baptismal dates to prepare them. It’s been great. I’ve been having a lot of fun with our recent converts. Elder Navarro and I got to go to the temple with Ruben and Cristhian. It was super cool and very memorable. I got to be a witness for their family baptisms and I got to do some confirmations for the dead, it was an experience I won’t ever forget. After that Elder Navarro and I got to go in the Celestial room and it was again a powerful experience. I was overcome with feelings that I have to work hard in preaching the gospel and also comforted about leaving the area. I ended up reading 1 Corinthians, chapter 1 and Jacob, chapter 5 and it was powerful. 

I don't have much more time to write, but my new companion will be Elder Banda. I have heard a lot from my current Zone Leader about the area, and he is super happy for me. Elder Mena will be going home the next change and he's telling me about how great the area is too, so now I'm really excited, but also humbled that the Lord is trusting me to a calling that I really feel unprepared for. I’ve just been a trainer and now I'm going to be a Zone Leader. I just hope I can be ready and have help from the Lord to do what it is I need to do as the Zone Leader of Juticalpa. This last week was one to remember and I hope I can have the chance to say goodbye to everyone I need to say goodbye to.

I’m glad the funeral of Grandma Helen went well and that the family had a good time. I hope you all got home safe and can have a calm relaxing week. I love you guys and am super excited for these changes because I will be spending Christmas in Juticalpa. I will be calling my family from the same place as our call last Mother’s Day. I’m kind of baggy, but I'm excited for a new area. I plan to work super hard, I'm going to make my next companion, who has three months left on his mission cry with all the walking we will do. jaja. I’m honestly without a lot of words, so I’ll leave with the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Keep truckin’ I love you guys! 

Ruben and I. I ordained him to the office of a Priest this past Wednesday. He was ordained at his home, the Bishop was there and everything. After, we went to the temple. It was a good day.
Ruben and Cristhian -  Uncle and Nephew.
Ruben's mom is Nora and she has been a member for 6 years. She is very happy. They both live with her.
I trained Elder Navarro. I am his "dad" in the mission and now that he will be the "dad" - trainer of his new companion, Elder Caal, I will be Elder Caal's "grandpa".
Ruben taking pics...
Cristhian got a hold of my camera...

Last friday we had interchanges. The grandma of one of the members passed away. I was thinking a lot that day of what must be going on at home and especially missed you all.

On our Pday today we are planning to go to Tarocagua to eat lunch. Elder Navarro wants to buy some stuff as well. We are going to say some goodbye's and then pack. Tomorrow at like 11am I am going to Juticalpa with a stop in Lempira to talk about changes. Lempira is a zone in Tegucigalpa, we meet in the chapel there.

While in Olancho, Juticalpa I will get to my last area, Camapmento, but not too often. I will be going to Guimaca more than anything, and to Cata Camas.
I'm going to try to go to some of the caves in Cata Camas. I should have a lot of fun there.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 41: the work continues

This week went by super quick. I probably don’t have too much to write. It was probably my second to last week with Elder Navarro (maybe). He is taking it hard, which surprises me. I always thought being not so lovey dovey and on the impatient side would make the parting easier. 

I’m actually very happy to hear the news of Grandma Helen’s passing and a little sad at the same time. I know that she is experiencing a peaceful reunion with her beloved. I know that our Father in Heaven has a plan for each one of us and we are here on earth to be tried and tested; and my great grandmother was surely tried and tested. I know He loves us and is there with open arms to comfort us if we let him. If there are any words I can say about my Grandma Helen they are—I loved the cashews she always had in her room at Grandmas house and the way she always bore testimony of her Savior to me, just a little boy, a testimony that helped grow my desire to serve my Savior.  Sometimes the pull at grandma’s house was only being where my uncles and  cousins were… but the time that I spent with Grandma Helen in her room was bonding time, I always left happy and filled with the spirit from her testimony of His gospel. I love her and am grateful that she has completed her work here on earth and has moved on to her other work in the spirit world.  

This week we had interviews with the president and he kept it short as usual, but he told me something that has resulted in the theme of my study these last weeks. He told me, "Elder usted esta perfeccionando este segunda idioma. Pero yo siento que el Senor quiere usted a mejor el segundo que ya tenia... la idioma del espíritu." This led me to some deep thinking and discussions with my companion and other elders to what he could have meant. DO I need to have a greater knowledge, do I need to repent, if so about what? I feel that I’ve been living the commandments and repenting when I have made mistakes. Well, the words of my companion struck home, "Si quiere mejor este idioma no viene en un libro o un oración pero mediante Galatas 5: 22-23 (Galatians 5: 22-23)." I knew the scripture, I had used it many times in teaching the gospel.  I recited it quickly, and then realized what he had meant. It was that I needed to be better in the characteristics in these verses. It says, "22 Pero el frut del espiritu es amor, gozo, paz , longanimidad, benignidad, bondad, fe 23 mansedumbre, templanza contra tales cosas no hay ley." I now realize that I don’t have a lot of these mastered and that that is why I have been suffering with testifying with power of the spirit. I have felt it, but not always. And in my patriarchal blessing it says (along the same lines) “ I’m not always going to feel the spirit.” I really had thought nothing of it, but now because of the words of my mission president and because of my blessing I know I can study, learn and develop these characteristics, if I seek them with righteous desires. It is my hope that I can be better and that I can learn. I hope that this message can help some of you as well and together we can progress as children of the most high God.

I love you guys and I am praying for you and am with those of you that mourn, and will be there to comfort those that stand in need of comfort. 

We went up to Hermana Josefa's, the lady that lives at the top of our area. I decided to take some pictures of the lights of Tegucigalpa.
Elder Navaroo, Denilson from the ward, and the bishop, Juan Dominquez. Denilson has put in his papers and is waiting for his mission call. Denilson is eighteen and likes to go out and visit with the missionaries; he wants to know what it's going to be like on a mission.
Cristhian has been ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. Ruben and Cristhian will be going to the temple with us this Wednesday. I am probably going to ordain Ruben this Wednesday. (He asked to wait a little so his shirt can get back from the tailor.)

Elder Navaroo took some photos and some came out like this. We don't know what's up but think it looks cool!
Rained for three days straight. We didn't see the sun all that time.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 40: another amazing General Conference

This weekend was amazing, I loved watching conference this past weekend. All the messaged delivered by our church leaders are inspired messages. My favorite was Russel M Nelsons about the power of the Book of Mormon. I also liked Tad R Callister’s about its divinity. 

My companion has been struggling. There are some scary problems with our group leader. So watching conference and the talks about supporting our church leaders and reading the Book of Mormon for strength were something we really needed to hear. We luckily got permission from our mission president to watch all of the conference. Normally, well last year, he gave us permission to watch the afternoon sessions and priesthood session. I felt the spirit strongly in Jeffrey R Hollands talk, when he talked of the path of discipleship and our expectations as children of God, to try with all that we have. I loved it and more as he too spoke of respecting our leaders. 

This week we got bad news and even more bad news. Two of our investigators left to go work for two months, Kevin and Melvin will be gone. Then we found out that the gangs have threatened our Nueva Capital group leader because of a problem with his neighbor. Our group leader has said they are false accusations. And now that the gangs are involved, things are uncertain and scary. We are very concerned and feel that Satan is most definitely attacking our efforts.  He is working hard on and obviously not happy about the new group that we are organizing. I hope that we can overcome these trials and we can be better after. 

Ruben and Cristhian are great! They love the gospel and Ruben is going to go about preparing to turn in his mission papers. 

I am feeling great gratitude that my family is okay and hope that all our loved ones and friends will be okay as well. Just yesterday I truly felt the loving touch of the Savior. I had a thought last night of, "peace be unto your soul". I do feel at peace at this time of tragedy and I hope that others in the Las Vegas valley can receive peace as well. I know that if we ask for it with faith we may receive. We are here in this earth "that we might have joy". These tragic events are put in our path so that we may learn and grow. My heart goes out to Mexico and Florida, and Puerto Rico as well. I urge you all to read Stanley G Ellis's talk on trial and doing the hard things. Terror and tragedy is a tactic of the adversary--to bring doubt and fear to our hearts. Don’t give in brothers and sisters, be strong, don’t let hatred and sadness harden your hearts, take the harder and correct path to forgive your fellow men. I know our Savior lives and he is there with open arms to console us. I love you and if I could I would hug every one of you because in my moments of heavy heartedness all I want is a hug. You all are in my prayers! Study the talks of this last General Conference and find peace in the voices of the Lord in these Latterdays. 

I love you all, keep truckin

watching conference on the church computers on Saturday. Elder Navarro watched in Spanish and I watched in English.

Elder Navarro.