Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 28: temple trip and a baptism

So this week we went out Tuesday with the knowledge of a temple trip on Wednesday, so we contacted most of the day and it was seriously awesome. I don´t care anymore about the shut doors in my face, or the people who yell at us and tell us to get away from their front door. I loved Tuesday´s experience because we found nine new investigator´s who are all mostly pretty positive.

On Wednesday we had our temple trip and it was fun and stressful at the same time. We had to get up early and get ready, and then go pick up some of our converts that were going to come with us. It was kind of  stressful. If we don´t get to the temple on time we can lose our time slot, so we were pushing these guys along to get to our ride to the temple. We made it! Our converts  were able to do baptisms for their families while Elder Espiritu and I did a session. A session in SPANISH!!! It was awesome and kind of hard. I loved the language, the Spanish voice over´s. It was hard not to laugh, but overall I had a wonderful experience. We had to catch a bus back because our ride left. I bought some banana bread and we got walking. It was about 25 minutes to the closest bus stop. 

That night we had a family home evening activity with a less active family we found. It´s another family with the last name... (you´ll never guess it) Garcia! Sometimes I still have a hard time understanding my comp... like who he is talking about when we make plans to go visit certain families. It´s funny and frustrating. 

We went to a members for dinner on Thursday and made baleada´s.  I cooked my own and sadly didn´t have my camera, they turned out pretty good!  I was super proud of the "poor mans burritos" I made, as Elder Zachreson likes to call them. We visited Waleska after and talked about her baptism for Saturday. We reviewed the baptismal interview questions. She is good, she has a sound knowledge. 

I was excited for our District Meeting on Friday, hoping to get my package from home. It was not there, so I´m bummed and a little paranoid... I don´t know why, I guess I keep thinking of some tiny Honduran dude with my spinners and starbursts... I´m gonna see him and snap! lol.  If i don´t end up with it, oh well, I have the Lord. 

We formally interviewed Waleska and had her baptism on Saturday!  I performed the ordinance and it was way easier than Marori, her cousin.  I didn´t have to do the “Baptismal throw”, that’s what Elder Zachreson calls it. haha! It is when they have a hard time relaxing and letting you put them in the water. Waleska was good. 

Waleska Laínez was comfirmed on Sunday and we had an investigator come to church. In church read in Mormon 5:16-19 about how without the Lord we are like a boat without steering instruments. It was a good scripture to read. It reminds me that the work isn´t  mine, the Lord directs us to these houses. 

I hope all is well with all of you and that you guys can be influenced and directed by the Lord. It makes me think of the song by Michael McLean, "Let Him In". It all starts with a petition to the Lord for help. Ask, and he is there to help you. I know this through my experience in the mission. When I´m tired I pray. When I´m frustrated I pray. When I feel like I can´t speak the language, or help the people because of my short comings as a human being I pray. 
So my theme for this week is, when in doubt don´t cry, PRAY!

I love you guys stay happy and-- 

Keep truckin´!!!

Elder´s Dresen, Ruiz, Cleverley, Canales, Medrano, Vasquez, Purser, Spencer, and Hermana´s Acero and Latimer.
Our P-day surprise... a US flag piñata. Elder Vasquez broke it. He´s a Dominican.
me and the piñata
P-day lunch with the Elders in my district

Waleska´s family at the temple. Family names and Julissa and Glenda are with us.

Yepsel and I

Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple!
Kathy, Waleska, Ana, Mercy, and Yepsel
Baptism of Waleska Laínez
a painting function on my camera. Elder Espiritu
he´s chilling
teaching a chancho

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