Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 27: working hard and interchanges

So this has been a weird week. I got sick from some cheese that I ate on Monday, so Tuesday I could not work. It sucked. I felt terrible spiritually and physically. Then on Wednesday some guys came into our house to fix our toilets because they were hardly working and the smell was awful. I´ve been glad that we haven´t been in the house a lot. Our day started off trying to visit an investigator. The appointment fell through, so we contacted and found someone new to teach. We went to visit a less active family and talked to them for a bit. They said they would come to church. We later visited with an old investigator who has been busy. She said she would talk with her boyfriend of 10 years about getting married. I was super pumped! I hope they decide to follow a commandment of the Lord. 

We had dinner with the bishop here in the ward. They served stir-fry, which was really good! When I finished I was a little sad because of how much I wanted more. I remember when Alyssa used to make it for our family dinners. I always ate a ton and then felt so sleepy after. 

We met with Hermana Ana's mom, and taught her about the Restoration. She loves the message. She started the visit with the "I only want to learn more about God" attitude. By the end she changed to wanting to hear more about the gospel and learn more about the restored church. We left her with an invitation to pray and to be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ. She said she would come to church, and that said she would tell us after she´s seen the church a little.  

Thursday we had our weekly planning meeting and then inter-changes. I went down to our District Leaders area (Jardines de Carrizal) and Elder Cleverly went up to mine. I worked with Elder Canales for the day and we worked hard. We found 10 new contacts in their area and I am happy to have worked hard. 
View walking home from the District Leaders house. They live about 20 minutes away walking. Their area is called Jardines de Carrizal
On Friday I was super excited to be getting my first package, but apparently it hasn't made it through customs. I am sad. I talked to Elder Huscroft (a mission secretary), he told me he had talked to my mom (I was super jealous) and that they got the documentation they needed and that it should be in my hands next week. Next week should be great! 

On Saturday we did some service. My companion and I made a water trench with a pickaxe in some mud. Elder Espiritu had fun moving the dirt out of the trench while I made this 30 yard trench. It was hard. I´m still sore, but the less active family who lives there is grateful for the service the ward and the missionaries performed. The rest of our day (after showering and lunch) was spent contacting. We found some positive people, not anything “golden”, but people who are interested and able to progress. 

We talked to a woman about the Book of Mormon.  She is reading it little by little and has a lot of question´s. We answered them, and now she said she would pray about the book. 

On Sunday Hermana Ana´s mom and daughter came to church as well as one of the member´s cousins. Hermana Mercedes (Ana's mom) is still thinking. But Ana´s daughter, Waleska said she would like to be baptized on the eighth, so this Saturday. I´m super pumped! I've been teaching her since I got here and now she says she is ready. 

The Familia Garcia, as it turns out they were in church. It hurt a little to not have seen them and to not have been able to talk to them. We called them an hour after and set up another visit for Wednesday. They are reading the restoration pamphlets we left. They are praying, and they say they like the message a lot. So I´m super excited to get to talk to them again. 

We found a family of six contacting, the Familia Rodrigues Garcia who´d like to hear more. We have another couple along with some other people who are kind of interested. We are going to stop by again next Sunday. Last night I had a really awesome time testifying of the restoration and of the Book of Mormon. I could tell our testimonies made a difference in the beliefs of one of our investigators. She cried when we showed her the restoration video and assassination of Joseph Smith. It was touching, and she said she would think about baptism, but that she just needs to find a way for her schedule to work so that she can attend church.

I´m glad to be out working hard here in la Nueva, and for all the people who are prepared to hear our message. I hope to find them. 
So like always ...

Keep truckin´

Hair cuts! Elder Cleverly, the DL cutting hair.

Banana Bread from a member!

Elder Canales and I. He is from Costa Rica and proud to be 100% Tico (slang for Costa Rican)

Cooking dinner

pic collage

Glenda with her 3 daughters. Julissa, Nataly, and Marizol
Julissa is 16 and comes to church
We weren´t invited, just stopped by to visit Glenda. The family was having a party. They invited us in and teated us like the guests of honor.

The older woman (Glenda's grandma) saw us and wanted photos and for us to pray for her. It was really sweet.

This is Glenda's uncle. It was a party for him and Glenda's grandma. 
His birthday was the 29th and hers on the 30th.

When you hike all the way up a mountain for a visit... 
...and your investigators don´t want to listen.
but us missionaries pick ourselves back up and "Keep Truckin´"

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